Grand Manan New Brunswick Canada

ATTRACTIONS - "White Head Island"

If Grand Manan is the "Queen of the Fundy Isles", then White Head Island is surely the jewel in the crown. A short journey on the free new ferry leaving from Ingalls Head provides easy access for residents and visitors alike.

We enjoy exploring the island - for its unique geology and beaches, and its wildlife - and to connect again with the fascinating people who live there. So far we have ventured to the Gull Cove area to explore the interesting pebble beaches, easily accessible by going north and then east along White Head Road. A short walk to the waters edge, in two directions, is all that is required. Gull Cove on White Head is where John James Audubon came ashore in May of 1833. As with all beach adventures, visiting at low tide provides the greatest interest - and the greatest area to explore.

By going south on the main road from the ferry, you can either turn east on Long Point Road to gain access to the two sandy beaches which flank the Long Point Lighthouse, or follow White Head road close to its southern end to enjoy yet a third great beach. All three offer great picnicking and beach combing - although for the second beach (east of Long Point Lighthouse) requires a good walk.

Next year we hope to do the trail which circumvents the entire island - we have been advised it is somewhat of an adventure, and somewhat difficult - but with views of both landscape and wildlife that make it well worth the effort. And we want to visit the bog in the center of the island - on some maps called "Audubon's Bog" although locals tend to call it "Grandma's Heath"! It is a birder's paradise - and full of interesting plant life.


GMTA on White Head Island

The Mananook website is produced by two newcomers to the Island. It provides a personal, and as yet, incomplete exploration of our new home. Check out the official Grand Manan Tourism Association website for more complete information.