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BEACHES - "Deep Cove Beach"

About half way between Seal Cove and Southern Head, you will find the large sandy beach at Deep Cove - easily identified by the parking area on the ocean side of the road. It is a very popular beach, especially for those with younger children - the sand is great for making castles and there is a large stream which flows to the ocean through the northern edge of the beach. The water in it is not nearly as cold as Fundy Bay!

You do have to climb down a short fairly steep path from the parking area - but the path is is well maintained by the owner of the land in the area. Parents and guardians of small children should be aware can be a strong undertow and take precautions.

We know the beach well since our first stay on the island was in the Beechwood Cottage across the road from it. The "sound of Grand Manan" for ever locked in my head is that of the waves crashing on the shore at high tide on Deep Cove. Best sleeping pill ever!

The waves on Deep Cove, given its location on the island and in the Bay of Fundy, get an extra push from both the tides and the summer winds - and so are spectacular on stormy days. Heavy rains make the little stream running through the beach swell, stripping the sand away where it flows to reveal the underlying rounded rocks which form the base of the beach. By the next day, all the sand returns.

There is a lot of fog in the southern part of the island - even when it is sunny in the northern part, it can be foggy at Deep Cove. One day it was bright and sunny on the cliff overlooking the beach, while the beach itself was foggy. Awesome images of kids running and playing in bands of fog with everything above in bright hot sunshine. Great place to cool off on a hot muggy summer day.

The beach is always different, always interesting to explore. The rocks which line its edges are every colour, shape, size and pattern imaginable. Lots to do and see, even if you're not a kid!


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