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BEACHES - "Eel Brook Beach"

Eel Brook Beach is one of the more challenging to get to, but has great rewards for those who make the effort. It has to be accessed on foot, from the Eel Brook Beech Trail which has some fairly steep and challenging components.

You get to see Eel Brook as it enters the ocean, first with the creation of its own pond, and then as it travels over and under a spectacular collection of unique rocks. Myths abound on the island regarding the flat, oval rocks on the beach - naturally formed or ship ballast from years' past ... you choose.

You also get spectacular views of Ashburton Head, and a close up view of the beginning of the Seven Days Work, geological formation and the many interesting volcanic rocks which compose its layers. Do be careful - the cliff is eroding, and small rock falls are common place. Exploring right at the cliff face has its inherent dangers. The walk east follows Seven Days Work - all the way to Whale Cove - but be aware of the tides. The cliffs in the area are not scalable in case of emergency, and the waves at high tide crash close to or on the cliff face.

The walk west to the shore at the foot of Ashburton Head features a long point of land at low tide and a small string of islets at high tide. Seal sightings are common, and you can often see whales as well.

The camp on the cliff by the Beach is private - the bench honours a recently passed islander, June McLean and was placed there in 2010 by the Naves family.

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