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BEACHES - "Stanley Beach"

Stanley Beach is the closest one to the Ferry, provides an excellent view of both the Ferry Dock and the colourful Fisherman's Wharf. It's a sand and small stone, laced with inner tidal pools at low tide, and the best place to search for sea glass.

It is also apparently the best beach to find sand dollars on - although we came across none after visits in both July and October. (Brown sand dollars are alive - leave them; white sand dollars are can be picked up.)

You can easily walk the length of the Beach at either high or low tide - although beachcombing is always more interesting at low tide. Don't miss the unusual rock formations as you walk just south of the main beach - also best at low tide.

There is ample parking close to beach at the end of Stanley Road, off Route 776, just before you come to the Bakery. At low tide, it is also possible to access the Beach from the Fisherman's Wharf area.

A view of the Ferry from Stanley Beach. Photo: courtesy of Tony Buck        

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