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Arts Courses & Arts Activities - 2018 Season

Painting Grand Manan (Acrylic Painting for Travellers) July 8-15, 2018 with Martha Johnson

Martha's workshop gets you into the landscape quickly and welcomes all levels of experience (and mediums). Her approach to locating sites includes attention to composition, colour and an easy set-up. The course will show you how to paint on site, work with a sketchbook, take digital photos and gather notes and information that may be applicable to developing larger studio work. You will work at a number of remarkable sites on the island as well as having access to some of the "off the beaten track" locations. Martha's point of view as an instructor is positive with informal critiques designed to create a sense of camaraderie and a dynamic learning environment.


Martha Johnson
North Head, by Martha Johnson

Landscape With Mixed Media: Paint, Pastel, and more... July 15-22, 2018 with Jennifer Hinrichs

The focus of the Grand Manan workshop will be to see landscape in a new way through understanding composition, colour, subject matter and technique. Working outdoors in the mediums of your choice, explore the excitement of quickly capturing a scene through gesture drawing, as well as developing more in-depth studies using light and shade to create drama and mood. As a popular teacher, Jennifer places emphasis on individual attention and positive reinforcement, creating a welcoming and encouraging group dynamic for all levels of experience.


Jennifer Hinrichs
Painting at North Head, Jennifer Hinrichs

Grand Manan Photography Workshop with Noel Chenier July 5th-8th 2018.

This four day workshop is for photographers of all levels, from beginner on up. Noel will be guiding you around the various areas throughout the entire island, offering suggestions on settings and techniques to try to capture the best images of every site. Only ever used AUTO mode on your camera? Don’t worry, Noel will fix that the first day. Noel will go over settings, shooting techniques, composition, lighting, everything to help you get amazing images. There will also be critiquing sessions during the workshop.
Friday will feature a boat trip to Machias Seal Island, where we will photograph the famous Atlantic Puffins, Razorbills, a seal colony on the way back, and possibly see a whale or two! Even if you aren’t a bird photographer, you will love this. By the end of the workshop you will have galleries of great images.


Noel Chenier
Photo Compilation, Noel Chenier

Sketching and Watercolour Painting, July 29 - August 3, 2018 with Barry Coombs

Our workshop will focus on watercolour painting, pen and ink sketching and pen drawing with wash. Participants working in other media are very welcome, as are non-painting partners and friends. Demonstrations, individual attention and constructive critiques are essential elements of this creative learning experience. This workshop is for participants with some previous experience in their chosen medium.


Barry CoombsInterior view of GMIAG.
Ross Island Lighthouse, by Barry Coombs

Schedules will be updated for 2018 as they come in.

Grand Manan Art Gallery - 2018 Summer Schedule

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Krista Hassan
Krista Hasson, Country Sojourn

Grand Manan Museum - 2018 Exhibition

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Elmer Wiicox

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