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HIKING TRAILS - "Indian Beach - overland "

The entrance to the overland trail to Indian Beach is at the top of the hill, before you descend on Whistle Road to the Lighthouse. There is a small parking area, and a sign indicating the start. For the most part the trail is clearly marked (although occasionally painted on a rock on the ground, rather than the norm of it being posted on a tree or post). Shortly after the entrance, you will come to a "Y" - not clearly marked, you go to the left. We, however, went with the Facebook hiking group, skillfully led by Larry Small, and so we had few concerns, except keeping up with the man!

Take water and bug repellant - it's a fairly long hike, moderately difficult for most of the way; decidedly strenuous for the descent and ascent to Indian Beach from the cliffs. Along the way, the trail comes close to the cliff edge several times, affording spectacular views of the mainland and back to Northern Head (The Whistle) - but take precautions, and heed the warning signs posted.

The inland trail gets you up close and personal with the Island's forest flora and fauna, and is well worth the effort. At low tide, you can also get to Indian Beach via the exposed beaches, but make sure you know the tide schedule for the day. The cliffs along the west cost are the Island's steepest - and are impossible to climb out of without specialized equipment. A break in the cliff allows access at Indian Beach.

After the long trek through dense woods, the view as you clear the forest will surprise you, not just once but twice! Two worlds exist: one along the inner arm of the sea, and one on the exposed rock beach. Clusters of "cottages" dot the upper level of the natural seawall, entirely composed of large, round-edged flat rocks. The unique natural formation. visible from the mainland, must have been one of the major reasons First Nations chose to land here on their summer excursions to the island.


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