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HIKING TRAILS - "Red Point to Anchorage Park Beach "

There are hiking trails which are well marked, and then there are those which are manicured: the trail between Red Point and Anchorage Park Beach is very nearly wheel chair accessible! It features wide grass and/or gravel paths, board walks over wet, easily damaged areas, observations decks, educational plaques and, in general, runs over very level ground along the coast.

Although not physically challenging, it is still a very interesting trail to take. Before you start at Red Point, climb down to the Beach - you can clearly see the divide between the volcanic and sedimentary layers which form the island.

The start of the actual hiking trail has a bit of an Alice-in-Wonderland feel with clipped hedges and grass and gravel paths. As you move along and come to the ocean views, you can watch as dulse is being collected along the shore, and walk through a truly maritime climate forest. Wild flowers, even orchids, line the paths - and birds and other wild life abound.

Along every stretch of the path, you encounter different types of vegetation, from thick forests, to moss meadows, to open meadows - many odd, unique and interesting things to look at. Don't miss the highly unusual "hybrid" tree in one of the board walk areas- as a spruce and a birch have naturally grown together at ground level, then separate into unique trees part way up - really did not think that was possible!

The information plaques are a good read too, providing both a historical viewpoint, as well as explaining what you can see from each vantage point. And then you arrive at Anchorage Park Beach with miles of beach to walk on, as well as two coastal lakes to explore.



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