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HIKING TRAILS - "Flock of Sheep"

The hiking trail from Pats Head to Southern Head is in the somewhat wilder, less populated southern portion of the island. Hikers should be cautioned that the south can be foggy even though the northern part is sunny; and that the trail is rugged and crisscrossed by numerous small streams, springs and boggy areas so sturdy, waterproof footwear is recommended. Cell phone reception, in case of emergency, is spotty.

One of the unique features of the walk is a view of the Upper and Lower Flock of Sheep. Hikers should be aware of the tides. While the safety of the main trail is not affected, the Flock of Sheep can be submerged at high tide. The rounded granite boulders, deposited by glaciers during the last ice age, were so named by fisherman since they look even more like a flock of sheep from the water.

However, Flock or no Flock, the trail affords many interesting views, from the "seining" of herring near Pats Head, to dramatic mini-fiords all along the coast. The flow of lava to the water's edge is clearly visible in a number of areas. There are even more dramatic vistas as you climb higher near Southern Head where columns of volcanic basalt begin to form the entire western coast line.

We entered from the road near Pats Head - the sign is clearly painted on the road surface of Route 776 ! And what can I say, we started a bit late in the day - early evening - and had to cut the journey short to avoid darkness. Next summer, we plan to enter from the either the Southern Head or Southern Head Beach entrances - both are clearly marked as you travel further south on Route 776.

In 2012, we got to see both Upper and Lower Flock of Sheep from the water while taking the Sea Watch Puffin Tour to Machias Island. Finally seeing the southeastern shore from the water, we realized that it is much easier to access both Flock of Sheep attractions by starting the hike from Southern Head Beach - the road to it is clearly marked a bit before you arrive at the Southern Head lighthouse. If you are not an experienced hiker, this is a much better route to take.


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